Fees & Contact Info

Fees & Contact Info

For an appointment or further questions, Maryann can be reached at mdesimone204@comcast.net, or by phone at (206) 371-4527.

Weddings and Renewal of  Marriage Vows:

A first meeting of 1/2 hour is free, just to connect, discuss your questions, and see if we are a good fit for working together. Fees vary, depending on how much time I’ll spend working on your ceremony, and how much you’d prefer to do yourself. We’ll discuss and agree on this at our first meeting.

Officiant for Weddings or  Renewal of Vows
Rehearsal (required): $150
Ceremony: $300

Memorial Services:  $300

Home/Child Blessings: Fees vary, depending on time needed for preparation and officiating.  Generally, $200

If you or a loved one are in need of support, please don’t let financial concerns keep you from calling me. We will work it out.

Grief and End of Life Support:

If you need support as you approach death or are grieving a loss, I will see you once without charge. You’re welcome to leave me a donation, if our time together has been helpful. If we continue to work together, I ask that you pay me about what you’d pay for dinner and a drink out. This is my version of a sliding scale.